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Budget Billing

406 PROPANE Budget Billing program spreads your annual propane heating costs out over a set period – 9 or 12 months. Budget Billing gives you peace-of-mind by letting you plan exactly what your propane payment will be throughout the year.



  • - Allows our residential customers to distribute the annual cost of propane purchases over a period of time, usually 9 or 12 months, allowing predictability in monthly finances.


  • -Your budget rate is a calculated estimate of your annual propane usage and projected winter prices. It works like an escrow account. Your monthly payments accumulate credit for your future propane purchases.


  • -Requires that you authorize monthly payments to your credit card or automatic debits from your bank account.


  • -Requires enrollment during our open enrollment period (May - July).




New Customers - If your enrollment request falls outside our open enrollment period, you must pay in full  within 30 days for the first delivery of propane.  When payment in full is received, we can offer you a modified plan based on your previous propane usage.



The “Recurring Payment Authorization Form” will indicate the monthly payment you authorize, from the account specified, to 406 PROPANE LLC.


This must be completed, signed and, for your security, returned to us by mail.


(Please do not give your private financial information to anyone other than 406 PROPANE office personnel.)  You must include your email, as this is the only way our bank will communicate with you regarding these transactions.


Once authorized, recurring monthly payments to 406 PROPANE will be made, via our processor, PaySimple, from your checking/savings account by electronic funds transfer or credit/debit card charge. You will receive a monthly email reminder from PaySimple, designating the date upon which the funds will be withdrawn from your account.






1.    We will periodically review your propane usage to avoid large over/under payments. Budget Billing does no guarantee you will have sufficient credits to pay    all propane bills.


2.    Failure to make payments as scheduled will result in suspension of Budget Billing and the entire balance being due immediately.  Finance charges may apply.


3.    Payments will be applied to any outstanding invoice.


4.    Requests or Questions – Call Russ at (406) 207-3592 or write to the above specified address.